Therapy Dog Program

Meet Chip, the therapy dog!

The Garber robotics team has implemented an award-winning safety program that has resulted in multiple district wins, 2 state titles, and recognition at the world championship event.
We recently finished a 3-year project producing a district wide crisis and emergency readiness plan. To this point in time our team has focused solely on physical safety. It is now our hope to expand our outreach to also include the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our students in a new multi-year proposal. Our project of choice is the implementation of therapy dogs in our school buildings to assist students with the rigors of what can be a highly stressful and often competitive learning environment. Research indicates that therapy dogs can teach students empathy, interpersonal and social skills, build rapport between individuals, increase school attendance, produce gains in confidence, improve motivation, and increase reading and writing levels.

Our immediate goal is to raise the funds necessary to bring the first therapy dog to Essexville-Hampton Public Schools as a full-time employee to assist in the emotional, psychological, and academic development of our students.

We would like to eventually expand our program to all buildings, but the more immediate goal is to be able to purchase a single dog to jumpstart the process. A single puppy and training amounts to somewhere between $8000-$10,000.