About Our Lab

In 2013 we started in a work space that was previously utilized as an oversized janitor’s closet adjacent to our library. The only tools we used that season were those brought in by our mentors they had lying around in their garage. We had 2 drills, a socket set, and a level that first season. We are now located in the science wing of Garber High School next to the industrial arts lab and chemistry classroom. Our lab has expanded to a 1560 sq. ft. facility that has abilities exceeding those of other schools many times larger than our own. We now own a complete set of 18v hand tools, 2 miter saws, 2 table saws, 3 mills, a metal lathe, 3 band saws, 2 drill presses, sanders, grinders, 6 computers with CAD programs, 4 3D printers, a functional pit that doubles as lab storage, and the ability to broach and CNC components. Our storage systems always allow us to work efficiently and safely. This area is also shared by all three levels of our robotics program. The elementary FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team competes with LEGO machines created with Mindstorm kits and special tables we store onsite. Our junior high FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team uses the same tools and materials as the high school but builds on a smaller scale. Junior high robots are typically confined to an 18-inch cube and weigh about 40 pounds. Our high school FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) team utilizes nearly every aspect our lab has to offer on a daily basis. Our robots are typically about 5-feet tall and weigh up to 160 pounds fully equipped with bumpers and a battery. If you would like a tour of our facilities or to donate materials, equipment or tooling for student education please contact our lead mentor Ethan Shannon (shannone@e-hps.net or 1-989-894-9710 ext.2405). All donations are tax deductible and will include receipts for their full value.

Garber High School Robotics Lab Gallery